Match Report

Great & Little Tew

11 May 2019 - Away

1st XI Cherwell Div 4 fixture.

Lefort stars with the bat as Mills win opener

On the first day of the league season, Mills travelled to Great & Little Tew for what was probably was game of the day, with many unsure of what to expect from the new look G< side.
Mills got off to a good start before a ball was bowled, winning the toss, on what looked to be a slight damp track predicted to move around early on. Newly appointed captain, Burney, in a moment inspired by Aerys Targaryen ignored advice of team mates and elected to bat first.

Mills got off to a strong start, taking 39 off the first 4 overs. Haselgrove then nicked off for 3 to the impressive Belmont, Haselgrove was then later spotted driving up and down Ledwell Road in what has been described from sources close to the scene as a deeply troubling sight for all other road users. In strode Garrett, having moved recently from Tew to Mills, Garrett was received with a classy round of applause from the hosts. Having built a good partnership Canham took just one ball to get into the head of Burney (a new PB) and only 6 balls to trap the opener LBW for 39 trying to work a straight one round the corner, leaving Mills on 76-2. Garrett soon followed for 14, a vicious Hlustik delivery got too big for the batsmen who was caught well on the legside boundary, with a clear weakness in Garrett’s game, word has spread around the captains within division 4 and serious cricket have confirmed the sales of fielding pads have sky rocketed. Dove & Mayho steadied the ship for a while before Dove uncharacteristically pushed at a ball that stuck in the wicket on 10 giving Hurst an easy catch at mid on. Lefort joined Mayho, Lefort the injury doubt before the game is said to have received 12 injections from the Mills physio to help him through the game. With scoring difficult Lefort patiently waited to get off the mark and did so with one of many good looking shots for 4. Mayho & Lefort built their partnership well, mixing good running and strong ball striking. Mayho fell to Churchill for 38, working the ball around the corner and to Gaskin, who took an excellent catch. Reports close to away team have witnessed canisters of oxygen going into the Mills dressing room, closely followed by a 400 pack of cigarettes.
Claridge & Lefort added 45, tidy work from Claridge, giving the now free striking Lefort strike.
Lefort passed 50, not acknowledging the rousing applause from the boundary, with rumours now confirmed that this was from strict instructions from the Mills physio to prevent further injury.
Catling then removed Claridge, clean bowling the experienced batsman for 7, leaving the Mills on 228-6.
With almost all team members padded up and ready, Madden got the nod to join Lefort with a free license to utilise all the heavy weights he has been doing in the off season.
The pair batted well, putting on an unbeaten 51 in 6 overs, Lefort with some glorious big hits and Madden with some clean striking which almost cleared the 30 yard circle.
This left the Mills on 279 aided by 12 penalty runs took them to 291, a good effort largely thanks to very good middle order batting, led by Lefort.
Defending 291, Madden & Cockroft opened up. With the ball nipping around the bowlers mixed some fine deliveries with some wide ones potentially as a way to build pre-season fitness the bowlers seemed intent on bowling 7 ball overs. Madden was replaced by Delport who faced the same problem up top. Both bowlers then found their lines with Cockroft intent on breaking one of Canham’s ribs, bowling beautiful inswing which was hitting the seam. A restraining order was filed and passed in record time forcing Cockroft to be banished to the boundary where he wouldn’t be seen for a while. Meanwhile Delport broke the watchful partnership aided by a superb catch low down by Kelly. Fellow opener Alup followed, caught behind for 15 off the introduction of skipper Burney’s seamers. Tew Skipper walked out at 60-2 with many believing this to be the match deciding partnership. Belmont was dropped early on which seemed a routine catch for Kelly, who later explained “the hands are the last to go”. The partnership built well for Tew, with the introduction of the Mills slow bowlers, they worked it around well although couldn’t find the boundary. At drinks an ominous cloud appeared, prompting the scorers to display the D/L par score, showing Tew only 20 behind the going rate. Lefort joined the attack having received another injection at drinks and quickly began dominating. It was Kelly who broke the partnership with Young searching for a boundary and hitting straight to Madden on the boundary on 22, a catch that Mills skipper Burney described as “never in doubt, honest”. Lefort trapped skipper Belmont for 18, leaving Tew 117/4. The game seemed to be heading to the away side, helped by another wicket from Kelly, well caught by Dove, dismissing Hurst for 1. Garrett joined the party taking his first wicket for the Mills, bowling Churchill within his 14th over. With Tew 133/6 from 42 overs Mills rotated bowling with good comebacks from Delport, Madden and Cockroft who had his restraining order over-ruled, with the help of Madden, who had also been banished to the opposing boundary, we believe all client/ Solicitor communication was carried out using Mills approved hand signals. A tidy partnership from Catling (28*) & Gaskin (16*) left Tew 191/6 at the end of their innings.
A good win for Mills leaves them looking forward to Abingdon next week, with Burney facing an injury crisis with 80% of the team reporting extreme fatigue, having forgotten what 50 overs feels like.
Mayho has confirmed he has gone on strike for 3 weeks, having asked the Cherwell to start playing super overs instead of 50:50. While Haselgrove is driving up and down Ledwell road for the next two weeks.

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Pierre Lefort 99 not out

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