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Long Marston 2nds

17 August 2019 - Home

1st XI Cherwell Div 4 fixture.

Match kindly sponsored by Alison Magnuson

Haselgrove and Hare partner up to defeat Long Marston

Match Day 15 saw Long Marston 2nd XI make the long trip to Newlands. With Burney away Dre Madden was on skippering duties. This was a real step up for Madden with his only previous experience involving a rowing boat. Madden duly lost his first battle of the day with Captain Wareham and Mills were promptly inserted on a wicket that looked like it would only get better as any soft patches dried out.
Hare and Haselgrove started watchfully but quickly got into their rhythm rotating the strike and putting away the bad ball. This was much to the enjoyment of the temporary Hollies Stand which had reached its capacity of three and whose occupants were ready for their own long spell. Although Hare initially kept pace with the unusually sensible Haselgrove he was happy to play the role of Tortoise and the partnership thrived and soon reached 100 (Hare’s third of the season). Shortly after drinks Hare transformed into his fielding coach alter ego and gave square leg fielder Beale some catching practice when he perfectly clipped a leg stump half volley to him off Murrell.
In strode Namibian gamekeeper Delport whose accent had developed a curious West Country twang following his trip to Somerset last weekend. Having decided the fans had seen enough of Haselgrove’s one shot Delport sought to dominate the strike and show off his own – the leg side clip – which he did with some panache. After some much needed rest at the non-striker’s end Haselgrove refusing to be outdone soon perked up and would launch a straight six off the miserly Beesley to bring up the century. With the partnership nearing 75 Delport was left shocked after getting bowled on the back foot by Mistry. Even Rhys Claridge was heard telling a furious Delport “don’t go back at Mills”. Mistry would soon add Haselgrove to his victim list as he was unable to clear the longest straight boundary, smartly caught by Murrell at long on.
At 221 for 3 off 42 overs and Messrs Garrett and Mayho at the crease (neither of whom looked in the mood for running) 300 looked a possibility. They both hit straight sixes down the ground before falling to Mistry and Henderson respectively attempting to replicate their feats. At 241 Madden and Dove chose to embrace caution in pursuit of higher averages, preferring to steadily accumulate, and would settle for 272-5.
After a fantastic tea and with the amber nectar starting to take its effect on the Hollies Stand the home side were looking to make early inroads to really rev up the crowd. Marsh Snr. and Captain Wareham had other ideas. Both came out in positive fashion and quietened the crowd quickly, with Wareham picking up where he left off in the reverse fixture; hitting his opposite number over his head, repeatedly. Cockroft soon found his lines and was able to keep it tight at the Road End but it was Madden who would buy the wicket thanks to an excellent catch by Hare at cover. Dre Madden swiftly removed himself after refusing to bowl straight at the new batsman, Marsh Jnr., for fear his express pace might lead to the youngster’s injury – a decision applauded by an unusually subdued Mayho.
With the first power play over Mills would adopt the Burney approved negative field sets and put the squeeze on. Luckily, given a succession of injuries to the home side, youngster Kidd was able to provide some youthful exuberance in the field that might otherwise have been missing. Kelly soon removed the technically correct Marsh Jnr. thanks to a smart slip catch from Garrett. Beale, clearly still thinking about his catch off Hare, fell to the same fate, middling a leg stump half volley to Kelly at square leg off the bowling of Delport who would also remove Adams, clean bowled, soon after.
With 5 of the Mills’ bowlers showing signs of injury and Madden not trusting Claridge the double act of Hare and Haselgrove was called upon again. Haselgrove trapped Young LBW off the sweep, a shot long since banned by the Mills Committee, and Hare would bowl Robinson for 7 who just moments before had declared to his batting partner that “we only need another 150”. Once Kelly bowled Marsh Snr. for a fine 48 the game was all but over and the Hollies Stand were starting to show signs of unrest wondering whether Madden would have set such boring fields in a timed game. Kelly on the other hand was so enamoured with the stand-in skipper’s field settings he took it upon himself to increase the number of boundary riders. Unfortunately he was thwarted by the eagle-eyed umpire who resolutely informed Kelly that having 9 fielders on the boundary is prohibited.
Hare, who hadn’t impacted the game enough, would then run out Mistry with an excellent direct hit. No doubt Mistry was lulled into a sense of false security by the fact that no other fielders in the ring were capable of moving. Kelly snaffled an LBW before Dre Madden, sensing a chance to rescue his figures, would bowl Murrell for a golden duck with the change up ball, a full and straight one.
Next week Delport is away, presumably seeking harder bouncier tracks, Captain Burney will return from his mindfulness retreat and is expected to employ some new philosophies in an attempt to get the best out of his team. Dre’s whereabouts meanwhile is unknown. He was last seen on Cowley Road clutching a Red Stripe celebrating the win with the Hollies Stand.

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